Cancellation and Fees Refund Policy

  • If you decide not to complete a course or Specialization that you've paid for, you cannot receive a refund.
  • If you start a free trial, the free trial begins before you are first charged, so there are no payments to be refunded. You can't get a refund for any payments made after your free trial ends.
  • ebek med subscriptions plans do not offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and no refunds or partial refunds are available unless otherwise required by applicable law. If you’re enrolled in a subscription via the free trial, you can cancel the free trial at any time, without being charged.

Refunds for bundles purchased through a third-party

  • Since the payment for the bundle was processed by the third-party vendor, we do not have the transaction on file and cannot initiate a refund for you. Please contact the third-party vendor directly to request a refund.

Refunds for courses enrolled in through a third-party sale or promotion

  • If you enrolled in a course through a third-party sale or promotion on their platform/site (for example: a company is selling or giving away ebekmed courses), please contact the third-party directly to request a refund. ebekmed does not have access to the necessary information to review or process these refund requests.

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Last Updated : 9th January 2024